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The Diversity of Biometric Technology

What was once thought to be science fiction is now becoming a very real technology. Biometric readers, which operated based on unique information that cannot be replicated, are becoming more and more common place. According to a story published in findbiometrics.com, institutions such as UC Irvine use palm-vein biometrics to protect their labs from curious eyes. The Marque, a social club found in Texas, relies on facial recognition software to allow entry.

If someone’s face isn’t programmed in, the door simply won’t open for them. Winthrop University employs biometrics in place of student cards, in the form of iris recognition software. Finally, fingerprint biometrics are becoming extremely common, and a prime example of this is SuperNAP data centers in Las Vegas. These data centers store critical information on a number of different topics, making it crucial that no one can gain access.

In addition to these examples, biometric access control systems are becoming more and more diverse in the consumer market. Gun safes, door locks, and other common access control systems have all been implemented, with hundreds of more ideas proposed. Because it is impossible to forge biometric information, these locks are completely secure and cannot be breached by traditional means of lock picking.

Paragon Security NYC is one of the leading firms specializing in biometric technology. Consult their experts about finding the best biometric reader device or biometric access control security system for your place of business.

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