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Texas city considers large-scale video surveillance system

The city council of Sugar Land, Texas, recently discussed a proposal to deploy a city-wide video surveillance system to reduce criminal activity and help local authorities. The project will reportedly cost nearly $3 million and will be completed in two phases if accepted, according to a report by the Sugar Land Sun.

The new system would include 138 cameras with license plate recognition capabilities and an additional 70 surveillance devices throughout major intersections, parks, public facilities and neighborhoods, the news source reported. There are already several LPR cameras in the city that have helped the Sugar Land Police Department catch criminals before they leave the agency's jurisdiction.

When the controversial topic of privacy came up at the meeting, Sugar Land Police chief Douglas Brinkley said the devices would only be installed in public areas, not in private residences or businesses. Brinkley also noted that other major cities around the country are already experiencing success with city-wide surveillance systems, the Sugar Land Sun noted.

Denver, for example, implemented a similar program in March in an attempt to improve traffic control and help emergency vehicles respond to accidents in a more timely fashion.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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