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Switch. One Product, Infinite Solutions

Comelit Intercom panel

The door panel that lets you convert a simple audio system in an audio/video system with a practical, easy and fast…SWITCH!

Designed in Italy, Switch entrance panel by Comelit, allows you to create an almost infinite range of solutions in an easy and intuitive way. 1 to 33 buttons are distributed over 1, 2 or 3 columns and a flush- or surface-mounted box (available to purchase separately) adapts the product to suit all installation sites.


switch audio video module
The main benefit offered by Switch is the possibility to choose, with the same product, two different systems.

The audio and audio/video module is sold separately to allow the conversion of an audio system into an audio/video system by replacing the module itself and the front grille already supplied.


Switch entrance panel can also be equipped with additional modules as:

  • Access control with SimpleKey or keypad (learn more about access control systems)
  • Listening devices that allows users with hearing aid to clearly listen (induction circuits T-Coil)
  • Blank panels that can be engraved with the property name or street address

switch entrance panel


Switch entrance panels are available with Simplebus Top 2-wires digital technology that assure a quick and easy installation. Switch is also available with IP technology that merges the excellent performance to an easy installation and maximum expandability.

Paragon Security & Locksmith is proud to be the premier installer of Comelit Intercom Systems in New York City and surrounding areas. Comelit is based in Italy and has been manufacturing comprehensive intercom systems since it was established in 1956. It has an significant international footprint, providing intercom products and systems worldwide.

Comelit offers a variety of exterior panel styles and apartment stations to meet the needs of any multi-unit business or residence. As a preferred installer, the security specialists at Paragon Security & Locksmith have completed several complex installations around the New York area. Two residential buildings in the West Village were upgraded using new Comelit IP VIP Video intercom system with stainless steel panels, as well as 7” color touch-screen monitors in each apartment. (learn more about intercom systems and repair)

To learn more and get a free quote on your Comelit installation or repair project, please contact us today.


Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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