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Surveillance in education, healthcare and retail


Video surveillance systems can be used in a wide variety of industries, including everything from retail to education to healthcare. The benefits of using these tools extend beyond the normal perceptions that they only enhance security, as they can also give decision-makers insight into how individuals perform daily activities and whether any changes need to be made to enhance efficiency.

A new report by Source Security highlighted how different verticals can profit from deploying advanced surveillance cameras in and around their buildings.

Surveillance benefits in education
The top priority for any school is keeping students safe, followed shortly by providing a convenient learning environment so individuals can further their education. By implementing network cameras throughout a campus, administrators and security officials can have real-time monitoring of areas that may be unsafe at night or during other hours, the news source said. This is becoming increasingly important as winter approaches and the days get shorter.

Healthcare surveillance cameras
Video is a priceless tool for healthcare, as administrators are provided with high-quality footage of how employees treat individuals. Since patient care is a major priority for virtually every healthcare facility, having the ability to monitor caregiver activity at all times is important, Source Security noted.

Furthermore, surveillance cameras throughout a hospital or other healthcare-related building can minimize the potential for intrusions, the news source said. While access control systems can prevent unauthorized individuals from entering certain areas, video footage will help decision-makers and local law enforcement agencies provide proof of any crimes.

Surveillance cameras in retail
Retail is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the use of surveillance devices. Not only can video systems prevent theft and help local authorities identify and apprehend criminals, the tools can also be used for productivity purposes, Source Security said.

By monitoring customer purchasing habits over time, decision-makers can reorganize their store to cater to seasonal buying habits, according to the news source.

A separate report by SDM Magazine echoed this finding, noting that consumer spending habits can completely reshape an organization's operations. If decision-makers do not acquire insight into these trends, they may not be able to remain competitive.

As the surveillance market evolves, it will become increasingly beneficial for organizations to leverage video surveillance systems, as neglecting to do so may make a company more inefficient or vulnerable to crime.

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