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Surveillance cameras have community implications

The tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon is among the largest attacks to be made on U.S. soil. There are still many aspects of the attack that public officials are uncertain about. Plenty of questions remain about the reason for the bombing, who did it and the full affect of the attack. While at least one suspect has been taken into custody, there are still areas of uncertainty surrounding the incident. However, we can already learn a great deal from the tragedy. One key lesson coming out of this terrible act is the value that surveillance cameras in private homes and businesses can have on community, and even national, security.

Shortly after the attack, law enforcement officials asked local businesses to turn over surveillance footage of the area where the bombs exploded. The request also encouraged people who took photos or video in the area to submit these to officials. The rising popularity of smartphones and tablets made this a valuable strategy. Shortly thereafter, officials were able to identify a suspect in surveillance footage and track the person down.

This event sheds light on the value of surveillance footage. Many people install cameras in and around their homes and businesses to protect themselves, their families and their assets. However, the value that these solutions can have on the community at large cannot be understated. This is an important lesson learned through the attack in Boston.

There are a few key ways in which surveillance camera solutions can help with community security. These include:

Responding to disasters
Events like the bombing in Boston are just one example of how surveillance solutions can help with disaster response. When an individual or group performs an illegal activity that affects the community, surveillance cameras in the area can spot the person in the act and enable better response from law enforcement offices. However, cameras can also help in other types of disasters. They can help power companies identify downed lines, enable government officials to identify areas of risk and allow for better response to emergencies like storms, broken utility lines and similar issues.

Supporting public safety
Government organizations often have to control the flow of people and goods in a region when a public safety issue comes into play. Sometimes, even a few people breaking emergency curfew rules, quarantines or similar regulations can lead to major health and safety risks down the line. Being able to look at surveillance footage taken by local businesses or homeowners can help officials identify if this type of behavior is taking place or if any lingering safety problems are being caused by other factors.

Having footage of events may not seem too important for posterity's sake, but having quality video available for historical research can pay major dividends. There are many technologies available now that allow forensic scientists to find the truth about things that happened years, and even decades, ago. Surveillance footage of disasters, attacks and similar events can enable scientists to perform a variety of studies on what happened during an event. This can prove invaluable for law enforcement, weather research and in a variety of other sectors. Surveillance footage from your home or business could end up solving problems that society is trying to study in the future, creating incredible value.

While the primary reason to install surveillance cameras still comes in the form of wanting to protect yourself, your property and your family, you can contribute a great deal to the community at large with a good surveillance solution. As a result, deploying a camera system can enable you to contribute meaningfully to society.

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