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Surveillance Cameras Catch Repentant Thief Returning Loot

CBS news reports of a particularly repentant New York City thief, caught on surveillance cameras, both stealing and then returning the loot.  Mike Valloney’s Staten Island home was equipped with security cameras so when several packages were missing from the delivery of the holiday gifts he’d been expecting, he checked the camera footage. He found that a man passing by his doorstep after the presents had been delivered simply lifted a few of them and placed them in a shopping cart he had.

Surprised Valloney, a retired NYPD detective, took the video to his neighborhood police precinct.
The surveillance video was then shown on several local TV news channels.  Valloney suspects that this is what caused a change of heart in the thief.  Within two days, the thief had once again been caught on Valloney’s surveillance cameras, only this time he was returning the stolen gifts to the doorstep.  The thief was also kind enough to leave a note stating “‘this is all I took. I’m so sorry and Happy New Year.  I just want to do right for this New Year”.
Valloney, reportedly, bears no grudge to the repentant thief.

Thief Returning Stole Holiday Presents (Image Credit: Mike Valloney/CBS New York)

for original story: http://bit.ly/zuPfdL

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