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Surveillance camera market shifting in multiple directions

The analog and IP security camera markets are experiencing major changes, showing potential strength in both business and consumer sectors. According to a recent Cabling Installation & Maintenance report, IP security cameras are gaining market leverage in the corporate segment as many organizations turn to IP solutions to gain greater functionality within their broad surveillance setup. At the same time, the analog security camera industry is gaining a strong hold on the consumer segment of the surveillance market because analog camera makers can offer inexpensive solutions that attract customer attention.

Looking at the business surveillance market
Pointing a study from IMS Research, a branch of IHS, the news source explained that many companies are beginning to focus on IP functionality when implementing security camera solutions. While this gives businesses access to new capabilities that can help organizations protect themselves more effectively, it also creates a few challenges. Perhaps most problematic among these issues is the way that IT has to play a larger role in the security landscape.

The report said that IT leaders are increasingly tasked with taking an active role in security as IP cameras take center stage. According to the study, many organizations do not have the budget to handle the installation and management of an IP camera system. Many of the costs associated with IP cameras stem from network installation and configuration, not just device deployment. As a result, many companies are using funds from their IT budgets to support investments in security solutions. This could lead to good prospects for IP camera sales, but also shows that IT and security functionality are becoming intertwined as camera capabilities improve.

Considering the consumer surveillance sector
IMS Research found that the declining price point for analog cameras are making them a popular option in the consumer market, Cabling Installation & Maintenance explained. Josh Woodhouse, author of the IMS Research study, told the news source that surveillance camera sales are rising in the consumer sector, but this growth is still fairly marginal compared to the corporate market segment.

"The consumer market is just a fraction of the professional market in terms of revenues, yet the high volumes of analog security cameras shipped could extend the overall lifespan of analog security cameras and their components in the Americas market," Woodhouse told Cabling Installation & Maintenance. "The cost-sensitive nature of the [consumer] market and need for simple, easy-to-use products means the transition from analog to network video surveillance is slower in the consumer market than in the professional."

According to Woodhouse, the United States is the most active region for consumer security camera investments, but the analog camera market may be hitting a "tipping point" because of the dwindling demand for analog cameras in the professional sector, which is much larger than the consumer market. 

Implications of shifting surveillance camera market
Cabling Installation & Maintenance explained that the changing dynamics of the broad surveillance market point to the rise of IP camera functionality. This creates an environment in which network installation becomes a major priority because connectivity systems are vital for the success of an IP camera deployment. 

Anybody considering IP cameras needs to be careful about choosing the right solution provider. Errors in network installation and configuration can lead to major performance and reliability problems. At the same time, the actual camera deployment also requires specialized skills to ensure the system can survey the proper areas, withstand weather and function properly for an extended period of time. A good security company can meet all of these needs and integrate the cameras with other aspects of a client's security solution to maximize protection.

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Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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