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Supply chain security, efficiency go hand in hand

A number of emerging technologies can enhance operations and boost security within warehouses by providing decision-makers with real-time visibility. By leveraging advanced solutions, supply chains will be more efficient and organizations will be able to remain competitive.

Radio-frequency identification, also known as RFID, is just one of many new technologies that can elevate productivity and security within warehouses, according to a report by Supply Chain Digital. This is because RFID can be used for both inventory and personnel tracking via small computer chips embedded in ID cards and packages.

In addition to using fixed RFID-based access control systems, readers can be handheld or mobile, enabling decision-makers to supervise their buildings by monitoring activity on a 24-hour basis, the news source said. The tools can also reduce the occurrence of theft by tracking all items, especially when they leave the premise or travel to an area where they are not supposed to be.

Adding eyes to warehouse facilities
Surveillance cameras are commonly associated with security, as the devices give executives an extra set of eyes to monitor behavior. By incorporating RFID into CCTV solutions, supply chain managers can take this capability one step further by reviewing the tapes and providing possible proof that a theft or otherwise inefficient action took place, Supply Chain Digital noted. This is especially useful in large-scale facilities that are similar to the compound at the end of the Raider of the Lost Ark: a seemingly endless maze of pallets, aisles and boxes.

By installing high-definition video surveillance cameras in elevated locations, companies can eliminate the presence of “blind spots” that can support malicious behavior, the news source said. This not only enhances physical security but also enables decision-makers to review footage and address any efficiency problems that are slowing down operations.

A separate report by Inbound Logistics said managers need to be precise, as “more or less” is not the security mantra that should be present in a supply chain. By leveraging an integrated security system that ties together multiple solutions, including access control and surveillance, decision-makers can be sure that any malicious or unproductive activity caught on one security device can be backed up by another.

As the private sector grows increasingly competitive, supply chains need to be as secure and efficient as possible. By leveraging the right security tools, managers can be sure these requirements are met.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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