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Summer is almost here, don’t fall into common seasonal security mishaps

People tend to find a way to make themselves vulnerable to security threats in different ways each season. That is not to say that homeowners or renters are unintelligent. Instead, it is a testament to how nature can make us so uncomfortable, or lull us into such a sense of peace, that we end up taking shortcuts. Let's face it, most of us have probably run to the car to get out of the sleet and freezing rain on a winter morning instead of staying on the porch to lock the dead-bolt. Winter isn't the only season that brings security problems with. There are plenty of ways that summer can contribute a desire to take security shortcuts, and avoiding these pitfalls is key if you want to keep your home safe.

Don't leave the garage door wide open
I get the impulse. It's a hot, miserable day and your better half insists you spend your Saturday afternoon mowing the lawn, pruning the bushes and sweating your way through a few shirts when you could be inside, luxuriating in the air conditioning and enjoying your Saturday afternoon. All you want to do is get out, get the yard work done as fast as you can, and get back inside. Now, you probably don't want to open the garage door, wheel out the mower, close the garage door, lock it, mow the lawn, unlock the garage door, open it, put the mower away, take the weed-whacker out and repeat the cycle until your chores are finished. All that bending is just too much work on a hot summer day. 

Here's the problem, what happens when you run inside to get a drink. It'll only take a minute, but the garage door is open, somebody walks by, is tempted by a flashy, expensive tool in your garage, and you come back outside to find you are missing an item worth a couple of hundred dollars. It's annoying to do, especially on muggy days, but keep the garage door closed and don't make yourself a target.

Don't forget to lock the storm door
Having a nice storm door can be a lovely asset to your home. You can open the front door and bask in the sunlight brought in through the storm door. In the evening, a gentle, cool breeze can caress the halls of your home, bringing the lovely summer evening inside. But many storm doors have an annoying quirk – they only lock or unlock from the inside. This is nice, unless you have kids or housemates that often come in and go out throughout the evening. You don't want to get up every half an hour to let somebody in, so you just leave the thing unlocked – you live in a good neighborhood after all.

Big mistake. Storm doors can be a natural target for thieves because they can be easy to break down. However, most people will only use a storm door if somebody is home. But if you leave the door unlocked, there is nothing to stop a burglar from stopping by, sneaking in quietly and taking off with a prized possession before you even notice.

Summer weather can lull us into a comfort, making us complacent and willing to take shortcuts so we can stay cool in the day and comfortable through the night. However, be careful which security steps you skip to enjoy the summer, or you could find yourself dealing with a home intrusion when you least expect it. If you are unsure about what you need to do to protect your residence this Summer, trying giving a local locksmith a call and make an appointment for a free estimate.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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