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Strategies to keep creepy stalkers at bay

Being famous is all well and good; I mean, who wouldn't want to make millions of dollars and be chauffeured around town like the King of France? In most cases, the guillotine will be out of the question, as the general populace loves a celebrity. Except for that one creepy stalker.

Every famous person has one – a fan that takes his or her own affection way beyond the limit of what has been deemed appropriate. Take John Hinckley Jr., for example, who inappropriately stalked Jodie Foster while she studied at Yale University. Hinckley even carried out on a promise to Foster by shooting Ronald Reagan and several cabinet members in 1980.

In the end, being famous is cool until that superfan shows up and threatens to kill the celebrity in the name of all things shiny. For this reason, among others, people should take their protection more seriously and implement advanced physical security solutions around their homes and other private areas.

Getting eyes that never close
Sadly, many celebrities are used to paparazzi sticking cameras in their face to get "the perfect shot." While this may force VIPs to acquire a negative perception of digital imagery, it should not deter individuals from taking advantage over advanced surveillance systems.

Surveillance cameras, unlike paparazzo accessories, can actually help celebrities. TV, music and other media personalities should consider putting their trust in tools from Paragon Security, which provide high-definition quality and real-time monitoring capabilities. As a result, individuals can watch – or hire someone to observe – personal property at all hours of the day, regardless of holidays or inconvenience.

Access control deters unwanted visitors
Sometimes it just doesn't matter how tall the fence is around a celebrity's home, as determined stalkers will kick their way through the door to get to their "beloved." This threat has made it critical for VIPs to stop criminals in their tracks before they can step foot on private property. By deploying advanced access control systems in all doors leading to the property, individuals can keep unwanted guests at bay.

Furthermore, access control will even prevent those money-grubbing distant family members from creeping into a celebrity's home to raid the fridge and watch the game. Biometrics-based access control systems, for example, recognize a person by his or her behavioral or physical traits, virtually eliminating the ability to mimic another person's identity.

When all else fails, ninjas don't
In some cases, all the technology in the world will not keep delusional fans at a safe distance. Sometimes they will break surveillance cameras or crawl under fences to avoid bypassing complicated locking mechanisms. For this reason, A-list celebrities should not throw out the prospect of hiring a trained assassin to guard them day and night.

Unlike technology, however, ninjas are not bound by parameters of written code – as their laws are written in blood. As a result, VIPs need to establish a set of rules their bodyguards need to follow. After all, people can't just walk down Main Street wielding a katana and slashing at anyone who gives a sour glance.

In the end, technology is likely a better way to protect celebrities from their violent or otherwise inappropriate stalkers. Although ninjas are effective – and badass – they can attract a lot of attention when they impulsively tear someone's guts out.

So, to all those VIPs worried their superfan will cross the line: Consider implementing an advanced integrated security system that combines the best of all physical protective solutions.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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