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Strategic approach needed for video analytics installation

Video analytics systems enable integrated security system users to analyze footage from the cameras and gather information intelligently. This kind of technology can be incredibly useful for organizations that have to deal with large amounts of video content in their security system and want to be able to accurately identify threats or track down individuals who may have been spotted by the system. However, developing such a system is a complex and sometimes overwhelming task. Collaborating effectively with a service provider and taking a strategic approach to installation is necessary to making the most out of video analytics solutions.

According to a recent SecurityInfoWatch report, having a clear idea of how the surveillance system will function and what it’s primary purposes are is essential when establishing an analytics setup because such knowledge provides the foundation upon which the system will be built.

Setting boundaries for the analytics system
The news source explained that establishing rules for the video analytics system is among the most important things that has to be considered when developing a solution. How different rules are established can have a direct impact on how the camera reacts to different situations and plays a vital role in ensuring the cameras are deployed in a way that matches their operational needs.

The report said that even simple configuration rules, like how the camera detects an individual in a pre-established area, can have a direct affect on how the system functions as a whole.

Considering lighting
SecurityInfoWatch also identified lighting as an area that can impact analytics. This is especially true for perimeter security solutions. Cameras on the fringes of a facility can have a difficult time getting enough light to properly take footage of an area at night. This can detract from the effectiveness of lighting systems. While some cameras offer alternative modes to operate with less light, some of those make that possible by reducing image resolution or adjusting how the camera captures video. These types of efforts can make analytics more difficult to use. Proper lighting is essential to making the most of analytics capabilities.

Video analytics solutions can give organizations the edge they need to not only protect their property, but also do in-depth research on how secure they really are. Such solutions can also make it easier to track down a criminal in the event of a security incident. As a result, strategically developing the security system to maximize analytics capabilities is vital to making the most of the technology.

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