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Spring is coming, is your house safe?

Seasonal conditions can threaten your home in a number of ways. In winter, the issue can be as simple as you not locking your dead bolt because it is cold and snowing and doesn't seem worth it. In spring, there are plenty of things that can make your house vulnerable. Preparing for a few common issues can help you keep your house safe.

Spring vacations
Whether you regularly take a spring break trip, like to head to baseball's spring training or just want to get away from late-winter weather, you could be among plenty of people who leave their homes empty for an extended period of time early in the season. Like Christmas, this can be an attractive time for burglars. While there isn't quite the same risk because nobody expects to find holiday gifts in your home in March, burglars can take advantage of a clearly vacant home to perform a well-planned burglary. Preparing for this kind of incident can be simple with a few home automation tools that help you make your house seem occupied while you are gone. IP cameras and an alarm system can also provide an important layer of protection.

Damages to your home
Winter can be a tough season on homes. Snow and wind can do considerable damage, especially when they create fallen branches and other debris. At the same time, large snowbanks and drifts can also hide any damages until the spring flaw. Make sure you take the time to closely inspect your home for any damages after winter is over. If you are going to take a vacation before the snow is melted you may need to assess any issues before it all melts. While a cracked window, loose brick or small maintenance issue may not seem like a major deal, a small problem can be turned into an opportunity by a burglar, especially if the individual is desperate and knows that nobody is home. Performing basic maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your home same.

Avoiding risk
To stop your home from becoming a target this spring, consider investing in outdoor lighting, cameras and similar solutions that can protect it more readily. It is generally worth noting that you don't want to go overboard, or burglars may wonder what you are trying to safeguard. However, a few strategic security measures can go a long way toward eliminating risk.

For example, an IP camera with an alert system can help you protect your home against burglars that may note your work schedule and target the home while they know you are away. When individuals move near your door, the camera will notice the incident and alert you that something is going on. You can then turn on the camera, check to see if it is something harmless, like a package delivery, or a  threat, and call authorities if necessary. These kinds of solutions are increasingly accessible as mobile device use and constant web connections become more common. You can also use mobile devices to remotely lock and unlock doors to protect your home if, in your excitement to get out for a walk on a sunny spring afternoon, you forget to secure your home properly.

Spring is often a time of excitement, energy and adventure. This can, understandably, lead individuals to worry less about security and more about fun. A simple, but powerful security solution that offers holistic protection can go a long way toward helping you enjoy all of the pleasures of spring without having to worry that your home will be vulnerable while you are out enjoying the weather or taking a trip.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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