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SMBs represent opportunity for security vendors

Small and medium-sized businesses account for a relatively large and untapped market in the access control system industry. As the economy begins to turn around and encourage decision-makers to continue spending, it would be wise for security vendors to target the SMB market, according to a SecurityInfoWatch report.

Generally, the enterprise exists in a "pull" market for access control systems, as large firms have more sensitive assets to protect. SMBs, more often than not, are a "push" sell, meaning decision-makers need to be convinced the solutions are beneficial and will yield positive results, the news source said.

Small companies with remote branch offices can benefit from deploying an access control system because it will alert security or property management officials if an unauthorized individual is in an off-site facility, SecurityInfoWatch noted.

"The 'push' has been difficult in recent years. During the down economy, potential customers were interested but not ready to pull the trigger due to financial considerations," the report said. "But that is starting to change and potential clients are ready to engage again."

Additionally, as integrated security systems become more popular, more SMBs will be inclined to leverage tools that converge multiple protective products together.

According to a separate report by IMS Research, integrated security systems will be essential to long-term vendor growth. Combining multiple tools like building automation, HVAC and power management with alarms and other security systems into a single service is beneficial to companies of all sizes.

"The energy, infrastructure and efficiency benefits of integrating systems will continue to drive markets together," IMS Research analyst Niall Jenkins said. "The successful integrators will be those that offer integrated security solutions and not discrete, isolated security installations that do not interact with other systems."

Emergency Service

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