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Smart Technology Improves Apartment Security In NYC


Managing and securing a high-rise apartment building in a major metropolis like New York City can be daunting. You have hundreds, possibly thousands, of people living in the same facility.  The nature of these types of properties is one in which diverse and strategically planned integrated security solutions are integral to protecting people, possessions and the property, making a combination of personnel and technology essential.

Balancing people and tech
When managing a large property the technological landscape can get extremely complex if you depend too heavily on technology to handle every aspect of identifying people who are authorized to enter different parts of the building. At the same time, there are also way too many people coming in and out to ask a receptionist or doorman to notice when somebody who shouldn’t be there tries to get into the building. Finding success in this area depends on being able to balance technology and personnel to complement one another and protect property.

This is especially clear at the initial point of entry. On one hand, you don’t just want to let anybody into the building. On the other, you can’t put too much into initial access control because you want tenants, their family members or their friends who are visiting to have relatively easy access to the building. As a result, it is often viable to not have locks or intercoms at the initial entry point and instead have a doorman outside and receptionist inside to identify anybody who looks suspicious or shows danger signs. Once this first entry area is taken care of, different access control systems can be applied to individual floors, stairwells or the elevator.

A good intercom system that lets residents “buzz” guests in can help too, but having a person present to supplement that system can be key in a property where you may have a variety of people going to an apartment, such as maids, delivery personnel, personal trainers or other individuals.

When it comes to access control, technologies like intercoms and advanced lock solutions are vital to protecting the property, but it often helps to also have people available to deal with unexpected circumstances or difficult issues.

Programmable locks
Electronic lock solutions that can be programmed to handle a variety of conditions can also be an asset in large apartment buildings. Using such locks, combined with key fobs, building managers can control who is able to go to different parts of the apartment building without authorization. For example, the system can be used to make sure tenants are only able to access the part of the storage area where there belongings are stored, making it easier to prevent theft of items while they are in storage.

This is another area where having personnel available can help ease any problems. If a person’s key fob malfunctions or they get locked out, having a security staff that recognizes residents can easily perform the actions necessary to let that person in.

Advanced security technologies give apartment building managers many opportunities for superior protection and security. When technology is used well alongside security employees, the overarching benefits can be considerable. Technological solutions can overcome the limitations of security workers and vice-versa, leading to an environment in which residents feel safe and building managers can be prepared for a variety of contingencies.

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