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Simplicity – where home automation and security align

The growing home automation market, which often aligns with the home security sector, could be on the cusp of rapid growth. As home automation solutions gain more prominence and a wider variety of gadgets and devices are introduced in the industry, the industry is facing a problem – complexity. According to a recent Hidden Wires report, building complex home automation and security systems can be tempting because of the performance capabilities offered by such options. However, many consumers want convenience instead of complexity, leaving the home automation and security markets at a crossroads where adapting to customer demands could change the sector’s trajectory.

Understanding complexity in home automation and security systems
The news source explained that it is often tempting for home automation companies to deploy complex solutions that include a diverse range of devices and offer advanced functionality in such heating, cooling, lighting and security systems. Creating feature-rich systems that can do just about anything in the home can be exciting for professionals in the industry because they tend to be excited about the technology itself and understand how it all works and interconnects. The problem is that many homeowners may not get so easily excited about interesting technology and devices.

While consumers may be more tech savvy than ever before, they are not likely to want home automation and security systems that are so complex that they are difficult to use. The report said the issue of complexity has become so great in the home automation sector that it is giving the industry a bad name. Some homeowners look at home automation as an overly complex solution that is so difficult to use that it is not worth the investment. This type of attitude about technology is not uncommon, especially among individuals who are not especially comfortable with technology or do not want to let gadgets or intelligent devices dictate how they live.

Overcoming this complexity problem is key for the long-term viability of the home automation industry, Hidden Wires explained. The home security sector, which is closely tied to home automation because systems can be aligned, faces a similar problem.

Addressing the complexity problem
Dealing with overly complicated automation and security systems can be a major problem for consumers. As a result, security providers that include features that enable easy use and intuitive functionality can play a major role in helping the markets move forward. Making home automation and security systems more accessible depends on being able to create systems that are sophisticated and complex, but appear basic from an end-user perspective. This type of elegant architecture can be difficult to obtain, but taking full advantage of mobile capabilities can go a long way in making solutions more intuitive.

Many consumers are comfortable using a smartphone or tablet. Running applications on such devices has become a natural activity for individuals around the world. Using mobile application interfaces for automation and security systems can pay major dividends in terms of making such solutions consumer friendly. For example, an integrated security system that features robust functionality can be difficult to use if it depends on a specialized input area that has to be installed in the home. A solution that offers mobile functionality and provides an in-home input that uses the same type of touchpad functionality can go a long way toward simplifying the end-user experience.

Mobile devices are creating an environment in which many consumers are becoming more comfortable with applications and touch-screen interfaces. As a result, it can be much easier for solution makers to develop systems that are much more accessible because they can mimic mobile functionality to streamlining end-user functionality.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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