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How to Unfreeze Frozen Locks

frozen car lock


Throughout the cold and often too long winter season in NYC, it is no surprise that 24-hour emergency locksmith services experience a significant increase in calls due to frozen locks. Ranging from cars, trucks, and boat locks to retail storefronts, office buildings and front door locks, freezing rain, and snow can freeze even the best of locks.

Will Using Hot Water Fix a Frozen Lock?

Early morning, after a long and cold night is the typical time to find a frozen car door, house or store lock. A common mistake is using hot water. People will rush to the nearest deli or neighbor to get hot water to pour on the lock in an attempt to melt the ice.

While this might offer a temporary fix at the moment, filling the lock with water can lead to serious problems. And increase the chances that your lock will freeze again and again.

Fixing Frozen Car Door Locks and House Locks

A simple preventative for frozen locks is spraying WD40 lubricant into your locks at the start of the season, as well as spraying into frozen car door locks and house locks to unfreeze and keep the lock from freezing again.

For pad locks which are high risk for freezing, spray WD40 into the keyhole and on to moving parts, then place on the heater to thaw.

As an extra precaution, be sure to have Paragon’s 24-hour emergency phone number (646) 604-9026 programmed into your cell phone so that you can reach us whenever you need to. If you still can’t unfreeze your house or car lock, simply call us and you can expect us to be at your service on site as quickly as possible.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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