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Shoeless man holds up Florida Dunkin Donuts

When a masked, shoeless man entered a Dunkin Donuts in Oviedo, Florida, and demanded money from the safe, employee Paige Sanders was unsure how to react, until he pointed a gun at her, according to a report by local TV station WFTV.

The thief forced Sanders to put nearly $1,000 in a brown paper bag before he left the building, the news source said.

“It was like stealing candy from a baby, you know,” Sanders’ boyfriend Erik Khan said, according to WFTV. “She already had the money out. He just put a gun on her.”

The robbery was caught on the store’s video surveillance system and the footage was recently released in the hopes of gathering information that could lead to the arrest of the thief. Local authorities believe the same man is responsible for robbing a local Five-Star Pizza last week, the news source reported.

A recent study by the University of Florida found that implementing innovative security solutions can deter similar incidents from occurring and help police agencies locate guilty parties. Installing video surveillance solutions, access control systems and other technologies can help companies save billions of dollars associated with theft, shoplifting and other crimes.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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