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Security systems don’t just protect against crime

When it comes to thinking about a home security system, especially for homes in what are believed to be safe neighborhoods, it may seem foolish to spend so much money to prevent a robbery. If your doors and windows lock and are secure, your neighbors are able to keep an eye on the place when you need them to and your most important valuables are well hidden, why worry about crooks?

Modern security systems do more than just deter criminals from attacking your household. New technological updates offer more features than ever to help you feel more secure, and not just from crime. Alerts can give you a notice when something's not right in the house, from something minor to something major.

Alerts for more than crime
Many systems these days come with emergency awareness buttons as well as crime ones. In the case of an important event, some systems can automatically call for help before anyone in the home even knows there's a problem, which can save time, valuables and resources, not to mention your family. They can detect various problems; some systems have additional abilities to sniff out dangerous gases like carbon monoxide and will alert you in the process. With sensors prepared to inform you and authorities about something extremely wrong happening, you can rest easier.

In the same vein, if a family member falls ill the emergency contact feature can get help or an ambulance to your home faster than calling 911. For elderly members of the family, new systems can even come with monitors that can be worn, which means in the case of an injury or illness, they'll have a direct line to family or medical help that could potentially save them from further injury or even death.

Keeping an eye on the place
If a system is installed with cameras, it's easy to keep an eye on your home from anywhere if they're IP-enabled. Cameras can do everything from letting you know who's at the front door to keeping an eye on rowdy teenagers. Plus, using a mobile device or computer even outside of your home, you can connect using the Internet to give yourself an added breath of fresh air whenever you're concerned about your home.

Plus, motion sensors aren't just to keep criminals out, either. If your pets keep creeping into an area you don't want them reaching, or you want to protect family valuables, placing a motion sensor nearby can give you an alert any time they pick up movement. Whether it's to keep Fido out of the dog food or your kids away from the antiques, motion sensors are just one of many additional uses you can get from a home security system.

Mobile controls more advanced than ever
Additionally, mobile connections that can be made between alarm systems and smartphones can give you more control than ever over your home. Activating and disarming your system can be as easy as the tap of a button, while additional controls such as lighting can potentially be done using mobile devices as well.

Most modern security systems also contain panic buttons, which aren't just limited to crimes either. Any high-profile incident that needs help from authorities can be solved by pressing one button.

One of the best advantages of upgrading your security isn't even related to the system's abilities itself. Adding extra layers of protection to guard your home from crime can lead to your insurance bills getting chopped by as much as 10 percent, which can add up over the long run.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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