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Security cameras on the road

Utah Transit Authority officials believe surveillance cameras and security cameras along with CCTV systems represent great tools to cut down on crime. According to a story recently published on www.therepublic.com, this type of surveillance equipment was just lately installed at transit stations and on buses and trains.

Officials believe these camera arrays are perfect for providing comprehensive views of possible crime scenes. Surveillance systems provide additional protection for drivers and passengers along with helping to identify thieves and road rage or passenger problems.

That’s the way it is across the nation as many agencies and public locations are featuring more surveillance equipment that provide security and vision. Chicago, IL, officials who have installed security cameras say they’ve helped them crack down on crime. Portland, OR, transit authority officials said the 4,400 cameras they’ve installed around their system has resulted in arrests that couldn’t have been made without them.

Costs for this type of equipment is going down while use is going up. Cameras for security and surveillance and CCTV represents a cost-effective way to monitor spaces for crime and disruption. This translates into numerous commercial and residential situations. Paragon Security NYC offers a wide array of surveillance cameras, suitable for both residential and commercial purposes.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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