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Security Cameras Restore Campus Safety

While it’s a common claim that security cameras help to fight crime and other malicious acts, the University of Kentucky has proof that these cameras work. According to a story published in www.claimsjournal.com, surveillance cameras helped solved at least three crimes already, and they’ve deterred countless others.

Their most noteworthy accomplishment was providing stills of three suspects who tried to set a car ablaze while it was parked on campus. This led to their subsequent arrest.

This is just one instance where CCTV is helping to solve and prevent crimes. As more potential criminals realize that their actions will be on camera, they will think twice about committing crimes.

This leads to a decrease in the amount of crimes where cameras are present, and makes it possible for more suspects to be caught due to the help of these cameras.

The use of cameras extends past just keeping students and faculty safe on university campuses. They can provide the same deterrence to criminals trying to burglarize, deface and steal from businesses and homes.

Don’t let criminals harm you, your family or your business. Paragon Security NYC is a leading provider of surveillance cameras. They offer a wide selection of devices that makes it possible to secure your home or business.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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