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Security Cameras in Town Hall

The town of Wethersfield, Connecticut has recently installed security cameras in their town hall in an effort to increase their capability of security monitoring. The decision to install a CCTV system was a unanimous one by the town council. This is no surprise as surveillance cameras are a smart investment for protecting property and for security monitoring purposes.

Any situation that calls for security, including a local town hall, or for protecting the assets of a small business, could benefit from having affordable surveillance cameras installed. Live monitoring of one’s business or residence is about peace of mind. CCTV technology has evolved over time with many reasonably priced systems available that can scale with one’s needs over time. This means you can add more monitoring capability over time with ease.

Paragon Security NY knows how much their clients depend on the reliability of a professionally installed CCTV system. Security cameras are an affordable way to protect both commercial and residential establishments. Contact Paragon Security NY soon to explore a wide array of security cameras and options available and suitable for the situation at hand.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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