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Security camera spots birdcage thief in Massachusetts

Home security systems that include cameras can go a long way in protecting a home. Such solutions provide superior protection by allowing law enforcement officials to identify burglars and, if all goes well, retrieve any stolen items. This technology is coming in handy for a man in Salem, Massachusetts, as it could help him retrieve a stolen item worth at least $300, My Fox Boston reported.

What the theft entailed
Although this particular incident serves as a prime example of how security cameras can help homeowners, it also showcases the benefits of an IP camera compared to a basic solution. According to the news source, the victim had ordered an expensive and heavy bird cage. When the package arrived it was not the right model and he left it on his porch while notifying the company of the mistake. The individual left on a business trip and came home to no package. In theory, this would be perfect because it would mean that the shipping company came and picked up the box. However, a look at the security footage showed that a woman who was not affiliated with the shipping company stopped by the house and stole the package.

While no arrests have been made, the footage has led to a few leads on who the culprit could be.

Considering the benefits of an IP camera
While any security camera can provide the level of security offered in this event – helping with object retrieval – an IP camera gives homeowners an edge. In this particular instance, the individual on the business trip could not view footage of the theft until returning home. An IP camera can be programmed to notify individuals of movement on the porch and automatically stream footage to a network-connected computer or mobile device. As a result, an individual on a business trip can gain almost immediate notification of the theft and contact authorities. In many cases, timing is everything for catching a criminal and the greater the delay in reporting the incident the harder it can be to find a thief.

IP cameras give homeowners an edge in retrieving stolen goods because the notification process can accelerate law enforcement processes. Furthermore, break-ins and other incidents can be identified in real time, providing individuals with the ability to call police and possibly prevent the theft from happening at all.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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