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Security Awareness of Atlanta Homeowner Prevented Serious Burglary

Elliot Holden is one sensible homeowner.  When burglars broke in to his southwest Atlanta home, the place was ready for them.  Holden’s security systems prevented serious damage and loss of property, and with excellent footage of the burglars, he now hopes to catch the thieves as well.

“I thought when I buy a house, no matter where I live, I want to have the most protection possible. If not protection, at least some type of assurance if something happens that there’s a record of it,” said Holden.  And his investment paid off when his house was broken into by two men in late December.  The surveillance video clearly shows one man knocking on the door.  When no one answers, he kicks the door until it yields and breaks. Once the second door is down, the second man joins him, carrying a gun.
With the two men inside the house, Holden’s alarm system went off.  Holden attests that, “You definitely need an alarm system. The better alarm you have, the less time they’re going to be in there”.  Indeed, the burglars, daunted by Holden’s alarm system, lingered inside the house for less than a minute.  Police forces responded to the alarm minutes later.  In this short time, the burglars were only able to take a box of personal items.

It seems that Holden’s awareness of security managed to prevent a much more serious crime and, with the excellent footage in hand, possibly even arrest the criminals.

Atlanta police asks anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at 404-577-TIPS.
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Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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