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Secure Your Identity By Safeguarding Your Mail

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On the surface, the idea of safeguarding your mail probably does not seem like a big deal. But to New Yorkers it is a top priority. Whether a brownstone, townhouse, loft, condo, or apartment building, it is essential that all residents take measures to facilitate a secure delivery of personal mail.

Mail delivered to a group of lock boxes in an apartment building lobby or entry way is vulnerable to curious neighbors, deceptive passerbys and lock-picking thieves. The simple swipe of just one letter can easily lead to identity theft, a phishing scam or otherwise threaten an individual or family.

Typically made of aluminum or steel, mailboxes come in vertical or horizontal units. They can range from one door to sixty door compartment style mailboxes, weather resistant outdoor mailboxes, indoor style mailboxes, front and rear loading style mailboxes, as well as free standing and wall mount style mailboxes. To withstand heavy weathering, outdoor free-standing mailboxes are made of heavy-gauge aluminum.

Building managers and landlords need to be especially mindful of lock quality when it comes to their tenants mailboxes in your NYC building. If the lock is low quality, access is much easier for any person who knows how to pick a lock. A cheap lock can be picked just as quickly as somebody with a key can open the door.

According to the NY Tenant’s Rights Guidelines, United States Postal regulations require landlords of buildings containing three or more apartments to provide secure mail boxes for each apartment unless the management has arranged to distribute the mail to each apartment. Landlords must keep the mail boxes and locks in good repair.

To meet today’s security demands, electronic letterboxes provide a convenient alternative. Among the latest “internet of things” are electronic letterboxes by Siedle. That link the typically disconnected object of the mailbox with the advances of our digital world to offer an ideal addition to an electronic access control system. It knows when to expect your mail, notifies you when it arrives and locks after delivery.

Using a companion app, users can check the status of their mail delivery, remotely lock or unlock the box and even dole out virtual keys to allow neighbors to pick up mail in the absence. Whether surface mounting, flush mounting or free standing: Letterbox systems from Siedle can be installed to address different needs and preferences. Siedle electric letterboxes that can be opened using a fingerprint, code lock or electronic key.

For more information about Siedle electronic mailboxes give us call at (888) 688-9771 and a Paragon representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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