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Sci-fi homes set for real life

Home automation and intelligent devices are combining to create advanced home functionality that make technologies that were once science fiction accessible now.

According to a recent Sci-Tech Today report, the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show is leaving many organizations eager to showcase their advanced technologies. In the case of Microsoft, a futuristic house tucked away on its campus features capabilities that many would have a hard time imagining as a realistic possibility.

However, the homes that many imagine are only available in the realm of science fiction are becoming real as home automation gains prominence and more advanced technologies play a larger part in home construction, the news source explained.

This trend toward futuristic solutions is making advanced security functional. Home automation provides advanced home protection capabilities. As a result, homeowners can use the technology to gain more control over their buildings and perform key functions, like locking doors, adjusting lights and closing shades remotely.

Many experts agree that the increased availability of high-bandwidth network capabilities and growing popularity of intelligent devices are making home automation more accessible than ever, positioning the technology to gain a strong place among consumer solutions.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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