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Safeguarding Our Schools, Children And Teachers

safe schools

When it comes to education, it is essential for students to have a safe but welcoming environment, in which to grow. Schools have long struggled with finding the right balance in creating this learning environment. The challenge is in maintaining the flow of day-to-day academic activities while still protecting students against unauthorized entry and access to the facilities. The tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school served as a sobering reminder of the importance of safeguarding our schools against such dangers.

Controlling Access With Innovative Security Methods

Retrofitting the outdated architecture of our decades old schools has been difficult. Many lack the type of cabling and electrical infrastructure needed to establish a proper advanced security system. With windows in every classroom constantly opening and closing and numerous points of entry and exit, schools throughout the country have initiated an integrated layered approach to access control and electronic security methods.

This approach gives schools the ability to monitor access at multiple levels, allowing students to move freely but providing enough checks that intruders are slowed and blocked at multiple points. In many cases, accomplishing this depends on the ability to use a combination of access control technologies, advanced electronic lock systems and cameras throughout a building. These types of solutions provide security personnel with the ability to identify where intruders are, lock doors strategically to slow their access and provide the oversight needed to give students and faculty members a clear path to exits.

CCTV Security At New Hanover

New Hanover County schools have chosen to implement the use of high-tech integrated security systems when allowing visitors to enter the property. Video intercom systems are linked to their security cameras and which allow the office to monitor access to the buildings through CCTV. Visitors are forced to stop at the entrance and have their identity verified before entering. This enables them the school to allow or deny them access, until the visitor is authorized.

Camden School District Invests $1.4 million

The Camden City School District stepped up and invested $1.4 million in high-resolution digital security cameras and security doors at Camden and Woodrow Wilson high schools. Students and faculty will be much safer thanks to new system that requires the use of ID swipe cards to open the doors.

The plan aims to keep out intruders and unauthorized visitors while keeping students and staff safe so they can focus on academics rather than worrying about danger. Each high school has gone from having more than 80 entry points and doors open, down to fewer than 10. Surveillance cameras now monitor each entry point and alarms are set to sound if an unauthorized door is opened.

North Bend Takes Security To Next Level

The North Bend Central School District has taken school security to a new level with the use of one of the most advanced integrated security systems available.  To help protect their students and faculty, as well as decrease incidents of vandalism, they have started using high-tech surveillance system with security cameras and video surveillance.

This innovative access control system only allows the appropriate personnel and students admittance to all buildings. Instead of having to rely on someone to be available with a key, the doors are programmed to automatically lock and unlock based on the school schedule. The times can be changed as often as desired to accommodate evening meetings or times outside of the normal school hours.

The employees use card readers to let themselves in and out of the building. If their employment status changes, their readers can be remotely deactivated. There are discreet dome network cameras inside of the school and fixed network cameras to provide security footage of the outside perimeter of the building.

Commitment To Creating A Better Living And Learning Environment

Children deserve to be safe at home AND at school. Our Goal is to improve our business and increase our efficiency and profitability while keeping our commitment to help in the creation of a better living and learning environment in our world. Feel free to reach out for a Free no-obligation consultation with one a Paragon security expert to discuss safe-guarding your residential home or commercial building.


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