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Robber stabs surveillance cam with butcher knife to destroy evidence

According to KiiiNews, Texas Police forces are investigating a robbery that took place in Robstown, TX, in mid April. At 4:00 AM the doors of the Snappy Foods, convenience store, are usually locked for the clerk’s safety. When a man appeared at the door on April 17, the clerk felt comfortable enough to let him in.

“She saw at that time, he was wearing white cloth gloves on his hands. He pulled out a large butcher type knife and thrust and lunged on clerk. He removed cell phone and put it in his pocket and started demanding money from cash register,” says Sgt. Enrique Paredez with the Robstown Police Department.

The robber managed to get away with about $100 in cash and several cigarette packets. On his way out he noticed one of the security cameras placed on the premises. This is when his butcher knife came into use. The man stabbed at the surveillance cam four times hoping to destroy evidence of his actions. The camera was damaged, but since the footage is stored on a seperate device, the stabbing did not harm the discriminating footage. Police forces now use the footage to track down the criminal.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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