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Renting doesn’t mean you don’t have control over security

Many renters feel like there is little they can do with their living space. When you can’t even put a nail in the wall wherever you want, you probably aren’t going to feel like you can install a security system or surveillance camera. However, building-related limitations do not mean you have skimp on protection. A recent release from SecuritySystemReviews.com explained that renters often feel like they are at the whim of their landlords for home security without realizing that there are a few things they can take into their own hands to improve security.

Considering a home security system
Many home security systems require cabling installation and other alterations to the building that renters cannot handle unless their landlords give them permission. However, this is not the case for all security solutions. The release explained that the rise of wireless security solutions provides renters with an opportunity to get the protection they need without breaching their lease agreement. At the same time, there are some security companies that are able to offer installation methods and security systems designed specifically for renters. These types of systems are designed to be installed without drilling any holes in walls or performing other invasive tasks that can create problems for renters. As a result, an advanced alarm and security platform is an accessible technology for renters.

Making lifestyle choices that contribute to security
Feeling safe in your home is among the most important things you have to consider when seeking peace of mind and security. When you are renting, there are so many things that are not under your control that this can be a difficult goal to achieve. However, a few strategic lifestyle decisions can improve your security and give you a greater sense of ease. One way to do this, according to the release, is to get to know your neighbors. Taking time to build friendships with neighbors can create a greater sense of community in a rental building. This also establishes a solid foundation for a building or property watch program that makes everybody more secure.

Choosing an apartment on higher levels of a building can also improve security. People who do not specifically need a ground-floor apartment can improve their sense of safety by choosing a living space on an upper floor. The release explained that lower-level apartments are targeted much more than those above because they are generally more accessible for criminals and easier to target from the outside. If you need a ground floor apartment, make sure you keep your windows locked and perform other basic security activities to keep yourself and your possessions safe.

Talking with the landlord about the lock situation can also pay dividends. The news source explained that knowing all locks have been changed or keys have been collected is vital to ensuring your apartment is safe from theft and similar problems. If the locks are not re-keyed or replaced, previous renters could gain access to the apartment if their keys have not been collected. Furthermore, it is also important to check for a dead bolt and ensure the lock is solid in general.

Renters do not have to feel vulnerable just because they do not have complete control over their living space. Innovative, flexible security systems can give them the protection they need. At the same time, applying secure practices to day-to-day life can make it much easier for individuals to protect themselves against a wide range of threats. While apartment living can sometimes be daunting from a security perspective, there are ways to alleviate these concerns and gain a greater peace of mind.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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