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Reliability, mobility among key security features

Consumers almost always want to get their money's worth when they invest in any kind of solution. However, when it comes to home security strategies, you probably want more than just a good value. A recent release from 6webs.com explained that while cost issues are an important part of home security decisions, reliability is the top issue that people care about when choosing a security system. Also on the top features list was mobile capabilities, a somewhat new trend that many consumers are embracing.

Considering mobility
Smartphones and tablets are becoming key computing options for many consumers, and it's not hard to see why. A mobile device that can almost always access the web, use applications and support many consumer needs offers unique benefits from a security perspective. Users can take advantage of mobile functionality to perform such tasks as locking and unlocking doors, arming an alarm or controlling lights and other parts of the house. Smartphones and tablets can also be used to check security cameras and receive text message alerts if anything happens at your house. Going on vacation this summer? With an IP camera watching your front door and a smartphone you can check on your house when you want and not have to worry.

According to the news source, the basic phone capabilities of mobile devices are among the most popular features that consumers look at when choosing a security system. Popular movies and television shows have left many homeowners recognizing that a few strategic snipped wires can cut a security system off from the monitoring service. While some solutions may have workarounds for this problem, a cellular-based monitoring service doesn't need one. Since the signal is wireless it can't be disrupted so easily by a burglar and offers an important level of protection.

Don't look past reliability
Simple reliability may not seem quite as exciting as mobile functions, but 6webs.com found that reliability is still the most important thing for consumers choosing a security solution. While technological reliability is a key component of this, the monitoring service is often more important. Having a reputation for good customer service and monitoring can go a long way toward making a solution attractive to consumers. Tim Smythe, senior editor for 6Webs.com, explained that reliability has held the position as a top concern for a long time.

"The 6Webs.com review team receives feedback from speaking to a lot of customers and home security shoppers. Over the years the features most important to consumers have changed some but reliability always remains at the top of the list," said Smythe. "Home security companies are expanding more into home automation and building smarter systems, which translates into consumers wanting the latest and greatest set of features. A big feature this year is mobile access from an iPhone, iPad or Android device. Recently there has been more demand for the convenience features."

Finding the right security solution
Understanding what features matter the most to you is the most important part of choosing the right option. However, it can be hard to pin down exactly what you want before you even know what is available on the market and how well it works. Developing a relationship with a security system vendor that can offer more than a sales pitch can go a long way toward helping you find what you really need. When investing in a security system, you need to be confident that it does everything you need it to do without any problems or confusing controls. Choosing the right vendor can go a long way toward giving you that sense of certainty.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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