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Recommended Nanny Cams

Parents can never be too careful when it comes to the wellbeing and safety of their children. Many families wisely rely on nanny cams to ensure that caregivers are doing a good job when parents are away. Smart design features and disguising in everyday household objects make these surveillance systems very effective.

A covert alarm clock DVR hidden camera is one of the most versatile home surveillance devices. It blends into the decor of any room and comes equipped with a pinhole camera lens. The iShot 2.0 Alarm Clock Camera and Securix DVR Clock Camera are this type of device. Both of these nanny cams operate using motion-activated recording or programmable continuous recording. The Memorex iPod Dock Spy Camera is a nanny cam cleverly concealed in a working iPod dock.

There are other options for concealing recording devices. The SVAT PI1000 Recording System looks like a mounted motion detector commonly found in homes. An electrical outlet hidden camera and DVR smoke detector are two more forms of surveillance that will go unnoticed by caregivers.

These recommended nanny cams, and other home security products are installed and repaired by Paragon Security, industry leaders in the NYC area. Known for excellent service, Paragon Security can help parents make the right choice for their needs and have peace of mind.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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