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Recommended alarm systems to keep your home safe and secure

Choosing an alarm system is an important decision. The right burglar alarms can mean the difference between protecting your home or leaving yourself vulnerable to burglary. Fire alarms are also very important in giving an early warning of any smoke or fire emergency.

There are a few brands that make high-quality, highly recommended alarm systems. Honeywell makes great products equipped with such features as multiple user codes, Wi-Fi capability, and upgradeable firmware. General Electric’s line of burglar alarms are also top of their class, featuring multiple hardwired onboard zones and expandable modules. Other great brands for fire alarms and burglar alarms include DSC and Visonic. DSC models feature expandable hardwired zones, as well as support for multiple keypads. Visonic’s product line features Internet-connected devices that allow for web-based control of the home security system. Visonic also offers a variety of wireless home safety detectors, including fire alarms, to keep your home safe from fire and injury.

Paragon Security NY offers an extensive alarm systems catalog, featuring the latest and greatest brands of recommended alarm systems. Additionally, Paragon Security offers reliable and high-quality alarm installation and repair. Whether your home requires installation of a fire alarm or the peace of mind that comes with a burglar alarm, contact Paragon Security NY for your alarm installation and repair needs.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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