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Cellar door caves in after truck’s accidental back up

New York City’s streets pose a challange for a truck driver on the lookout for a parking space.  One driver made the wrong choice,  backing his truck up onto the sidewalk until it landed on a cellar door.  The incredible weight of the truck proved too much for the iron grate which caved in creating a 14 foot deep gaping hole in the middle of the sidewalk.



Paragon Security’s professionals were immediately called in to fix the problem.  After the stranded truck was removed from the ruined cellar door, Paragon Security’s staff member, Dima, took to action.  Special harnesses were used to secure him as he plunged into the hole to install the brand new custom-built iron grate.   Just a day in the life of a Paragon Security staff member.



Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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