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Quick hits – Four ways to protect your rental property

Renters are in a difficult position when it comes to securing their apartment, family and possessions. If you are renting a living space, you generally cannot install complex, powerful security solutions because you can't change the building in any way. This means investing in traditional security cameras, alarm systems and intercoms is out of the question. However, that does not mean renters are helpless to protect themselves.

There are a variety of creative and intuitive solutions out there to help renters protect themselves, their family and assets. There are a few key things renters can either do or invest in to get the job done.

Partnering with your landlord/building manager
If you don't feel safe for some reason, talk to the person who manages your property. A sympathetic landlord or building manager will take your concerns seriously and it is possible that a good working relationship can lead to improvements. For example, you may be able to talk your building manager to installing an intercom system because it can cost-effectively improve security for everybody in the housing unit and increase the value of the property. It is also possible that a landlord will make an exception and allow you to have an alarm system installed as long as you keep him/her in the loop and pay for some, or all, of it yourself.

Have a good locksmith come for a visit
You may not know of any ways that you can protect your property without going against your lease, but a good locksmith may be able to come to your apartment or rental home and tell you a few simple things that can be done. When doing this, it is vital that you do some research and work with a trusted locksmith to avoid getting yourself into a situation where you are either spending more than you can afford because of hidden fees.

Consider a wireless alarm or camera system
For the most part, alarms and security cameras are not feasible in rental properties because of the wiring that needs to be installed. Working with a security company that can install wireless systems can help you establish the security systems you need without requiring a major installation process. A security provider can help you identify the kinds of systems you can install and configure them to maximize their benefits. Even if you cannot put cameras on the outside of your rental property, well-placed internal cameras can still prove integral to identifying criminals or allowing you to keep an eye on pets, service personnel or activity in your apartment while you aren't home.

Have a locksmith in your contact list
When you get locked out and need to get in to your apartment quickly, it is extremely helpful to have a locksmith that you can trust ready to be called. Doing some research to identify a good locksmith and adding the emergency number to the contact list on your phone can be invaluable if you ever get locked out of your apartment, perhaps because the lock is broken, and need to get in quickly. While policies often vary as to who is responsible to pay for such incidents – it could be you or your landlord depending on the problem – knowing you can trust the locksmith you are calling is a key asset for renters.

A lot goes into protecting any type of property and renters, though limited in what they can do to secure their living space, still have some control over how they protect themselves. Working with a good security company can help you identify the best ways to protect your apartment.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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