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Quality matters when it comes to selecting locks

Properly locking your home is only part of the home security landscape. Not all locks are created equal, creating an environment in which the quality of the lock on your doors can have a major impact on your household’s safety. High-quality locks can play a major role in keeping out burglars and other criminals, providing an important level of security that matches convenience and powerful protection.

Understanding the implications of cheap locks
On the surface, working with an inexpensive lock may not seem like a major risk, after all, people can’t see what the lock is like from the outside. However, professional criminals can study different lock types, learn their vulnerabilities and target homes using locks that have clear weaknesses. This can happen in any part of the world, and is currently taking place in the United Kingdom.

According to a recent Worksop Guardian report, approximately 956 homes were broken into by criminals who tampered with locks in South Yorkshire during the past year. Local police found that the number of homes attacked in such a way increased gradually throughout the year. The problem, police found, is that many of the homes in the region were built using cheap locks that criminals can identify and target.

John Shillito, crime reduction manager for the South Yorkshire Police told the news source that the model of cheap lock present in much of the region is inexpensive to manufacture, but easy to break. The lack of small, precision parts in the lock make it cheaper, but also more vulnerable. Therefore, the police force is urging residents to upgrade their locks to avoid becoming targets.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the U.K., New York, California or any other location, an inexpensive lock can make your home a target. Working with a security company to make necessary upgrades can play a major role in protecting your home and family.

Making the right choice when selecting a new lock
For homeowners, choosing the right lock system is all about balancing protection with convenience. A touchpad door code that makes locking mechanisms less accessible may work well in business settings, but is not a realistic option for the home. Going too far toward extreme protection can lead to frustration with the system and create problems down the road. However, consumers do have access to robust mechanical locks that can protect them while providing convenience. This is especially true as mobile device use rises and smartphones can function as keys to the home.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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