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Planning post-apocalyptic labyrinths to a T

While there are some people who say Nostradamus was the exception, most agree that no can accurately predict the future. This, more than a lot of other things, is making people nervous. After all, the Mayan calendar is quickly coming to an end, leading many to wonder what will happen on December 22, 2012.

Maybe zombies will rise from the ground. More realistically, however, many people believe the world will experience some catastrophe that could potentially wipe millions of lives from the globe before they get the chance to say otherwise. Regardless if this event will be manmade or spawned from nature, the world afterward – if it still exists – will not be the same.

Anyone who's ever read "The Hunger Games" or seen any post-apocalyptic movie knows that some authority – most often evil – will rise to power and gain some sort of leverage over the rest of the world. That person in charge can literally do anything he or she wants, including creating a massive labyrinth with a hungry animal lurking around inside and hunting for lunch.

You might ask, why would anyone create a labyrinth? Well, honestly, why the hell not? In fact, there are a number of reasons to make these mystical mazes, including the necessity to create entertainment for citizens, similar to the gladiator arena during the Roman era, or to deal out punishment for betrayal like Jabba the Hutt's rancor pit.

What goes into a modern-age labyrinth?
We're not talking about David Bowie and the 1980s Labyrinth movie here. This maze will exist in a post apocalyptic world that is potentially littered with undead and today's now legacy technologies still kicking on D batteries. Since the leader of this society probably has enough money to deploy and manage advanced security systems, the world would probably be something like Stephen King's "The Running Man," in which citizens watch as men and women hunt one another to survive.

To broadcast these labyrinthian adventures to the public, the ultimate decision-maker needs to have access to video surveillance cameras and monitoring equipment. By strategically placing the devices in every corner and dark corridor, individuals will have the unique ability to see every look of terror before "participants" get slashed by the minotaur or gutted by a fellow opponent looking for gold. In a world with no other television, how else will people be entertained?

However, blood and guts can only entertain for so long. For this reason, labyrinth designers need to throw in some locked doors here and there to keep people guessing. These passageways should be monitored via intercom systems that, similar to the Saw movies, launch some unexpected attack on the user when the wrong code is entered.

Powering these security systems will likely be the power the leader has over everyone else, meaning he or she will also need to secure it with the most innovative – though potentially antiquated in 10 years – solutions available. For this reason, individuals hungry for power in a post apocalyptic world should consider consulting with Paragon Security professionals before they too are possibly also wiped out in less than a month's time.

As the Mayan calendar comes to a close, doomsday leaders will need to plan their labyrinths ahead of time so they can keep the general populace entertained. After all, a leader is only as strong as his or her command, and nobody likes a mutiny.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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