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Planning perimeter security systems

Internal security practices have been in existence since the idea that an insider can potentially cause harm to an organization. Advancements in physical security technologies, however, are now increasing the demand for perimeter protection to ensure malicious outsiders do not breach property restrictions. The evolution of access control systems and surveillance cameras, for example, are boosting the efficiency of reducing unauthorized entry to restricted areas.

Implementing the right perimeter security technologies requires decision-makers to be diligent and aware of what is going on in the physical defense industry. Remaining current with security trends is an important aspect of deploying the right tools to keep out unauthorized individuals, according to a report by A&S Magazine. Business executives should not be shy with manufacturers and should ask professionals how to use next-generation equipment to ensure the company is optimizing products and getting the most significant return on investment.

Plan accordingly and discuss strategies with experts

When installing or setting up new intrusion detection systems, decision-makers should use the tools recommended by manufacturers and security professionals. Not only will this make the deployment process more affordable and efficient, it will also enhance the performance of the tools, ensuring they operate effectively under a variety of conditions, A&S Magazine reported.

Companies also need to plan the implementation of integrated security systems before installing them. By using redundant tactics, organizations can ensure that all areas of their building are monitored and protected from malicious activity, the news source said. These strategies should also be discussed with building planners, manufacturers and security guards to ensure no vulnerabilities are present, thereby reducing the chances of revenue losses due to inefficiency or intrusion occurrences.

Organizations must be aware of their perimeter's limitations, as tools installed in the wrong places can open up vulnerabilities and lead to security breaches, A&S Magazine said.

Use all available tools to develop robust security systems

Surveillance cameras are one of the building blocks of an effective security system, as the tools can give executives eyes to ensure nobody else is present on the premises. To ensure these devices are optimized, however, decision-makers should consider using monitoring and verification tools, A&S Magazine noted. In many cases, organizations deploy video surveillance systems and automatically think they are protecting their physical assets until a small animal triggers the alarm at midnight, requiring executives to reap the punishments associated with police responding to a false situation.

Many of today's surveillance systems are automatically integrated with these capabilities as the technologies become smarter. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for example, are in the process of developing an algorithm capable of learning baseline activity of a certain area and alerting authorities of any anomalies without the presence of a human, which can slow the process.

"Sometimes it's important to come up with an alarm immediately, even if you are not yet positive exactly what it is happening," the algorithm's developer Christopher Amato said. "If something bad is going on, you want to know about it as soon as possible."

A&S Magazine also noted that new perimeter security systems should have wireless capabilities. By leveraging IP-based solutions, businesses can remotely view their surveillance cameras and activate additional defense mechanisms from outside the office. This is especially important during the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud computing, which are helping organizations monitor and protect physical assets from remote locations.

While developing a perimeter security system is important, it is not a one-and-done process. Decision-makers need to plan their installation to ensure it works properly in a variety of situations and is not a financial burden.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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