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Pet-friendly Alarm Systems

In order to have an effective home security system, you must make sure the motion detector installed is one that will go off in response to an actual threat and not the family dog or cat. You may think it is something difficult. How can a motion detector distinguish between a person moving about and a pet? The reality is, you can set up a pet-friendly alarm system in your home. Several different types are currently on the market. One of the more common types is the Passive Infrared Sensor. This alarm system will not trip when it picks up dogs as big as 100 pounds. Manufacturers of this product include Mace, Concox, Alean and Yale.

Even with a pet friendly alarm system, you still need to take precautions that your dog or cat will not set it off by accidentally pushing open a door or window. Always make sure those things are properly secured before leaving, and always make sure your access control system is properly set.

For proper instillation of a pet friendly alarm system, contact the experts at Paragon Security NY. Paragon is also the place to call should your home security system need repair.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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