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Perimeter security systems integrating video, expert says

Until recently, there haven't been many guidelines for decision-makers looking to implement a robust perimeter security system. While video surveillance cameras are often deployed as a part of these tools, a lack of standards has somewhat hindered potential growth for the market and led companies to be more vulnerable to theft, vandalism and other crime.

In a new SecurityInfoWatch report, John Romanowich, chair of the Security Industry Association's Standards' Perimeter Security Subcommittee, said perimeter security systems are most often the first and most important line of defense to keep malicious individuals away from confidential and valuable assets stored on a company's property.

While perimeter security systems can be enhanced through the use of many technologies, such as radars and seismic sensors, surveillance and video analytics are some of the best tools to boost intrusion prevention, Romanowich asserted. Surveillance cameras are one of the fastest technologies available to decision-makers, as the tools enable real-time monitoring and detection capabilities that determine the extent, location and nature of an incident.

Video analytics will boost physical security
When analytic tools are integrated with surveillance solutions, a perimeter security systems gains more awareness of its surroundings and alert decision-makers to take the appropriate action to mitigate risk, Romanowich said. Since these systems are smarter, they often have the ability to disregard wind, small animals and other things that may otherwise disrupt surveillance footage.

A separate report by ABI Research echoed the growing presence of video analytics, as the market for these solutions is forecast to grow by more than 13 percent year over year in 2012.

"Video analytics, used as a [business intelligence] tool, is currently experiencing a growing demand," said George Kraev, senior analyst of security and ID at ABI Research. "That growth will continue for the next couple of years, with a slight drop off at the end of 2013 due to the cyclical nature of the demand."

Romanowich said that the increased use of video analytics and surveillance cameras for perimeter security will contribute to the growing adoption of regulatory standards, allowing more organizations to effectively leverage technology to mitigate risk and crime. As the surveillance market continues to evolve, more integrated security systems will likely incorporate analytic tools in an effort to make sense of the evolving criminal atmosphere.

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