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Perimeter security moving toward thermal

Maintaining perimeter security requires innovative and robust technologies, as outside protection is the first line of defense to keep unwanted intruders off-site. According to a new study by IMS Research, the integrated security systems commonly leveraged by organizations to fortify borders are evolving.

Two technologies, in particular, are being deployed more often: thermal imaging cameras and buried cables. The increased adoption of thermal imaging is generally used for deterrence, while buried cables help prevent breaches by detecting seismic activity through complex sensors, the report said.

"Historically the largest markets for thermal imaging cameras has been in the government space, but the advent of uncooled thermal imaging cameras, at a lower price point, is increasing the adoption rate of thermal imaging cameras used for perimeter security," IMS Research analyst Lily Aung said.

A separate report by SecurityInfoWatch noted that more vendors are entering the thermal imaging surveillance market, offering the private sector easy-to-install and innovative solutions. This increased attention to the market has dropped prices significantly and made the technology more relevant to organizations outside the military.

As the surveillance market continues to heat up, there will likely be an uptick in the use of thermal imaging technologies.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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