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Ohio school’s surveillance cameras invite controversy

The University of Toledo in Ohio is installing surveillance cameras in public areas throughout campus in an effort to protect students and their possessions. Since theft and car break-ins have been happening more frequently during the past several years, the need to enhance security has accelerated, according to a report by student newspaper the Independent Collegian.

This initiative has introduced controversy among the student body, however, as some individuals believe it is a textbook violation of privacy. Other people believe the protection of people and their belongings trumps privacy, the newspaper reported.

Those against the installation of surveillance cameras say that students who are paying tuition do not appreciate being watched while not participating in academic activities, the Independent Collegian said. After all, residence assistants are supposed to keep the peace in dorm rooms, not electronic devices.

On the other hand, some students feel it is the university's responsibility to ensure the community's safety. And while RAs can often help, they can only stop what they see, the newspaper reported. Surveillance cameras, however, can monitor areas at all times.

A separate report by Netwatch USA confirmed that technology is an important aspect of enforcing school safety. By leveraging surveillance cameras, access control systems and other solutions, administrators can provide a safer learning environment for the community.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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