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Offline locks offer upgrade from mechanical options

Mechanical locks are often used by organizations with a single primary point of entry. Companies seeking better security often struggle to find a solution that gives them the protection they need with the ease and convenience of a mechanical lock. According to a recent report from Locksmith Ledger International, computer-managed offline locks often provide organizations with all of the ease-of-use features they get from mechanical locks with the advanced capabilities they need to improve security.

Key features of offline locks
The news source explained that offline locks can give organizations access to everything from audit trail reports that help them identify who is entering and exiting a building to the ability to program locks automatically. These types of functions provide businesses with advanced security and access control capabilities without having to install a system that is too complex for their overarching needs.

Within this goal for convenience and accessibility is the ability to use management tools without having to attach the lock system to the network. As a result, companies can leverage many of the capabilities of a fully managed network solution without the complexity of building network infrastructure throughout a facility. This makes the system ideal for companies using single-door access systems because it helps them cost-effectively gain access to advanced functionality.

Moving beyond mechanical
While mechanical locks are often secure, they generally lack advanced functions that are made possible by computer-managed locks. However, online computer-managed locks are generally too expensive and difficult to manage for companies with a single-access point setup. Essentially, the solution provides an ideal fit for companies that want the benefits of a managed network lock solution but do not want to pay for or deal with a large-scale cabling and equipment installation.

Another key component of standalone offline locks is that they give security professionals the freedom they need to be creative with how they set up the system and optimize access control for their needs.

Choosing the right lock system
Whether a company goes with offline locks, mechanical systems or a fully networked solution depends on the specific needs of the organization. When it comes to security, the key is not necessarily to go all out on the system no matter what, as a solution that gets in the way of day-to-day activities tends to lead to people finding ways to take shortcuts on procedures. The critical consideration when choosing a lock is to match the solution with specific operational requirements.

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