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No Wires. No Keys. Access Control Made Simple By SMARTair™

The days of mechanical master key systems are fading fast as more and more discover the affordable scalability and flexibility of smart card technology and wireless access control. Whether managing single or multiple locations, systems like SMARTair™ from Mul-T-Lock® offers a seamless step up from keys for managing employee access for commercial buildings and tenant access for apartments and multi-family properties.


Thanks to the system’s smart technology and lack of wiring, SMARTair™ fits easily on to most doors. Traditional doors can be easily converted to a wireless access controlled system and tailored to meet the specific needs of the building. As those needs evolve, doors can be easily reprogrammed using the latest in access control management software, without having to replace any physical locking systems. Making wireless SMARTair™ doors more cost-effective than standard wired access controlled doors.


Smart cards make access control more powerful and secure by offering a number of features that provide or enhance privacy protection in an access-control system including authentication, encryption, strong device security and secure data storage and communication.

Contactless, smart card technology eliminates the cost and hassle of lost keys, enabling facility and building managers to issue and revoke access rights at a moment’s notice. With the highly intuitive management software, facilities and building managers can organize, control and update access rights from a PC using a simple user interface.

  • If a card gets lost the facilities manager simply generates a new card in the system software and programs the new card using the encoder, or provides a new “eKey” to a mobile device.
  • If audit trails are needed the SMARTair™ lock can communicate directly with the system software, delivering comprehensive audit trail such as information about locking events, users, access times and much more.
  • If a user needs urgent access and has lost his card, the facilities manager is able to open the door remotely (available for wireless online) via either the web application or by using the mobile app from anywhere.

smartair multlock


No keys and no doors to wire. SMARTair™ adapts to most building types and can be integrated into most existing door systems. The modular design is fully scalable to meet access control requirements for any sized building, in the healthcare sector, heritage properties, education, multi-residential complexes, public buildings, and anywhere that easy, affordable, and secure access control is a priority.

SMARTair™ from Mul-T-Lock® secures more than just doors. Alongside a full range of battery-powered electronic cylinders, escutcheons, and locks, are wall readers, locks for cabinets, elevators, and lockers. It is simple to integrate every lock into one single, secure access system, even across multiple sites and locations.


Openow™, the new complete mobile solution for SMARTair™ access control, takes mobile capabilities to the next level by making your phone, your key- using your phone’s Bluetooth. Users of a SMARTair™ access control system can open doors with their mobile phone and the Openow™ app. Facility managers can send, revoke and update virtual keys from anywhere.

Paragon proudly provides a full range of SMARTair™ and Mul-T-Lock® products. To learn more or to schedule a complimentary demonstration call 1 (888) 688-9771 or CLICK HERE and a Paragon security specialist will be happy to help. You will see our prices and know-how are second to none!

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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