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A New Way to Identify When You Fly

Travelers everywhere have been dreaming of a day when they can keep their passports and identification cards tucked away in their carry-on’s as non-essential components of the standard airport security protocol. Not to mention, what happens if you lose your driver’s license or forget your passport? A new trend is emerging across some of the United States most popular airports, including the well-traveled McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, that can alleviate travelers’ anxiety around providing paper-based identification.

According to an article published in www.latimes.com, starting in mid-August, McCarran International will join the list of 10 other major United States airports who support biometric screening as a method of access control in place of standard identification practices. Biometric readers allow travelers to use their fingerprints and irises to identify themselves. For a $179 yearly fee, travelers can pay the company Clear to utilize their kiosks at supporting airports. This yearly fee allows flyers to have the option to rely on biometric security measures over the age-old identification procedures.

Clear, the company taking the lead on biometric screening in airports, plans to make the screening process even further expedited by providing members-only security lines. Along with the TSA’s Precheck security program, the two programs can radically expedite travelers’ wait time.

Undoubtedly as more travelers learn about ways they can save time and hassle, biometric screening will become increasingly popular, and the need for biometric readers and access control systems in airports will increase. In response to growing and future demand, Paragon Security NYC offers a wide array of biometric readers and access control systems for any place of business.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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