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New surveillance technology capable of picking out suspects without human eye

Researchers at MIT recently developed a new algorithm to enable video surveillance and other integrated security systems to scan through footage and recognize suspicious individuals on their own. Traditional technologies required monitoring by trained specialists, which potentially created vulnerabilities in the system due to eye strain or the inability to watch multiple screens simultaneously, according to a TechEye report.

The new surveillance tools may be able to improve physical security of locations by informing authorities if anything is out of place, too many individuals are within the building at a specific time and other alert settings. However, there is also concern that the technology may inappropriately monitor people or alarm officials due to profiling, the news source said.

"The main area of concern is how artificial intelligence can enable passive-surveillance such as CCTV to become a directed way of tracking individuals or certain characteristics irrelevant of whether someone is suspected of wrongdoing," privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch director Nick Pickles told TechEye.

Breaching privacy laws has always been a concern when schools, businesses and other organizations deploy robust surveillance systems. Researchers need to ensure they continue innovating but keep privacy in mind, as going too far may make otherwise advantageous technologies unusable.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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