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New school development comes with security enhancements

Of all the places to keep safe with surveillance cameras, schools are among the most critical. Feeling that students are safe is extremely important for parents, and the pupils themselves could be distracted at an institution they feel is dangerous. Modern security technology can help. As video capture has evolved, the camera market has expanded, and now there is a surveillance option for every need and budget. From public elementary schools to huge universities, every type of school can benefit from extras sets of eyes on problems.

University upgrades
According to the University of Wisconsin's campus newspaper, The Badger Herald, plans are afoot for a security revamp on the institution's main campus. The source noted that the administration has decided to go the digital route, with new technology poised to replace the analog legacy systems. University of Wisconsin Police representative Sergeant Nicholas Banuelos told the source that the college is especially interested in the IP model because of its centrality. All the data from the new system will feed into one recording system, with no more division between individual cameras.

A new camera deployment can also bring increased resolution, helping law enforcement agencies match the pictures to suspects and resolve cases quickly and definitively. Banuelos explained that, while the system is far from the only identification method used by the department, it will be helpful to have more effective cameras.

"In some cases camera footage can be helpful in solving crimes," Banuelos told The Badger Herald. "Cameras are a tool for the police department to use in the investigative process but we don't rely only on the footage alone."

The area around the school is also getting a surveillance camera refit, according to the news source. Local Alderman Scott Resnick stated that city of Madison is due to receive 30 new security cameras aimed at high-activity areas. These enhancements have already been accepted into the city budget.

Call for cameras
While some schools have already begun on the path to security camera usage, administrators in other areas may take some convincing. A local California source, The Mountain News, recently reported on a call for camera protection in the Rim of the World Unified School District. According to the news provider, school board member Tammy Decroo championed the issue, hoping to have it included in the work currently underway to modernize the facilities in the area. One of the construction managers on the projects noted that cameras are part of the overall infrastructure improvements coming after 2013.

The source noted that the issue is one that has surfaced in the area in recent months. Architect David Bell told The Mountain News that since the project has started, local residents have become more aware of the issue and begun calling for them. Some of the issues that could be creating unrest and the desire for more coverage include vandalism and property damage. According to the news provider, several incidents have occurred in the past few years, including broken windows that required thousands of dollars to repair.

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