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New robots built for surveillance

Gamma Two Robotics recently said that the ASIS 2012 conference will be the event where the organization unveils its latest artificial camera system, which was created to enhance video surveillance cameras and their ability to capture high-quality footage at the right time. The robots can be directed by voice, radio or other command consoles, allowing security officers to patrol areas without leaving the safety of a locked room, according to a report by Government Security News Magazine.

"Robots don't care how boring it gets and nobody cares if a robot gets hit on the head with a baseball bat," Gamma Two Robotics chief technology officer James Gunderson said, according to the news source.

After undergoing year-long field and endurance tests, the robots have proven to be reliable without the need for too much maintenance. The machines are capable of performing a number of tasks, including monitoring, writing reports about daily activities, calling emergency response departments and patrolling premises to detect and prevent intrusions, GSN Magazine reported.

As a sign of true artificial intelligence, the surveillance robots are also able to initiate independent action if communications are lost. These tasks could include continuing its patrol, waiting for further instructions or returning to base, the news source said.

"This gives the security officer an intelligent asset that he can rely on, like being teamed with a canine. It’s not as smart as a human but it will do what you tell it to," Gunderson said, according to GSN Magazine. "If it detects something that is out of line, it will alert you."

A separate report by Global Industry Analysts noted that the global market for AI is forecast to generate more than $36 billion in revenue by 2015. As these technologies mature, more security systems will likely become automated using artificial intelligence.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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