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Mortise, Deadbolt, Or Keyless Locks? What Should My Locksmith Install?

The decision on whether to have your locksmith install a mortise, deadbolt or key-less lock is an individual one. It is important to know the benefits of each type of lock to determine which makes the most sense for your particular situation. There are advantages to each type of lock, and a NYC locksmith can help you determine which choice makes sense for your building.

A mortise lock requires more work on installation than other locks. This lock includes a pocket that is cut into the door where the lock is fitted. They are generally found in older buildings, although they are becoming more popular in upscale new constructions.

A deadbolt lock adds an extra layer of security to doors. The door cannot be unlocked without rotating the lock in the cylinder. This makes it more secure than a traditional spring bolt lock, and deadbolts are often added as a second lock on doors with a spring bolt lock.

The fact that key-less locks don’t require a key is only one of the reasons they are so convenient. Rentals and businesses with key-less locks can have the code changed quickly and easily at any time, which is much more straightforward, and less confrontational, than collecting keys from individuals who no longer need access to the building. Key-less locks are available with deadbolt and mortise fittings.

Regardless of your home security needs, Paragon Security NY can meet them all. Their 24 hour locksmiths are available to change and upgrade your door locks and security systems at any time. Give them a call to discuss your needs, and they will be happy to provide you with  top-notch professional security services at any time.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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