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Mobile technologies could change business access control processes

Access control is a key component of business security strategies, as a good access control solution does more than just prevent unauthorized entry to an office. A quality solution will also provide key access control support within an office. As a result, many access control platforms end up being complicated and difficult to manage. Mobile technologies could alleviate the complexity burden. 

The importance of layered access control is key because different types of records, computing systems and other solutions have distinct authorization requirements. In the past, different keys were needed for all of these tasks. Over time, key fobs and other electronic solutions gained prominence, but even those can become complicated and require considerable IT oversight and specialized access technologies.

The widespread popularity of smartphones is beginning to change the access control sector. Users can be assigned a radio frequency signal that identifies them to a lock. The lock can be assigned the same radio frequency signal, and will only open for users with the correct frequency. As more mobile devices are released, organizations will no longer have to use specialized fobs and keycards to access radio frequency technologies and could become dependent on employee smartphones, reducing costs and complexity.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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