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Mobile surveillance boosts monitoring capabilities

Surveillance technologies continue to evolve, switching from analog to IP-based solutions and now even going mobile. At Standard Water Control, a basement waterproofing provider in Crystal, Minnesota, decision-makers recently began using surveillance cameras with mobile viewing capabilities and have experienced positive results, according to a Security Park report.

“I find it very convenient to check on the crews in the morning from wherever I am to see that they are checking their trucks over and checking their oil,” Standard Water Control president Michael Hogenson said, according to the news provider. “I am also able to see when the crews get back in the evening.”

The company has recently had problems with theft and vandalism to trucks, Hogenson noted, but the advanced surveillance technologies lets him and other decision-makers remotely view surveillance cameras at all hours of the day, Security Park reported. Hogenson has fallen victim to zero malicious incidents since deploying the mobile surveillance technologies, which led him to integrate the same solutions at his home.

“We’ve had vandalism and theft at the shop but we have had a break-in at our cabin, vandalism at our barn and worst of all, someone cut the tails off of our horses,” Hogenson said, according to Security Park. “Two years ago, three cabins nearby ours were destroyed by arson. So it gives us great comfort to keep an eye on the place when we are not there.”

The growing video surveillance market is driven by the advanced capabilities now offered through surveillance, including remote viewing, mobile device integration and IP-based solutions, MarketsandMarkets noted in a different report. As these and other technologies continue to evolve, the surveillance industry will likely expand and be used for more purposes.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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