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Mobile functionality can pay dividends for alarm system monitoring

Monitoring a security system can be difficult, especially if you don't have much time to figure out what is going on if your alarm goes off. For office managers or small business owners, having an alarm go off at the office can be a major annoyance. Having a monitoring solution with a security provider can help, but you still probably will want to check things out yourself to make sure the business is safe. Mobile functionality can pay dividends when considering alert functionality.

Getting alerts anywhere
Having an alert sent to your home phone doesn't offer much value if you are often away from your residence during the day. If there's a break-in at the office you certainty don't want to get the alert when you get home from a night on the town, you want to get it immediately. Mobile functionality makes this possible by allowing the alert system to contact you anywhere.

Greater control
A security system that integrates with mobile devices gives the end user more control of the solution. For example, if the office alarm goes off, you get an alert and shortly thereafter get a call from a confused employee who accidentally tripped the alarm, a mobile monitoring solution will allow you to reset the alarm and tell your security provider that there is nothing to worry about. This is not a fool-proof solution, as an employee could still perform illegal activity at the office, so you still may need to investigate, but you at least avoid some of the hassle when you have mobile access.

A mobile security platform can integrate cameras and alarms with your smartphone so you can access resources from any location. This can be invaluable because it allows you to tap into IP cameras when an alarm goes off and find out what it going on. In some cases, you will still need to investigate because nothing will show up in the cameras or they will have been tampered with. However, you may also see if their is a burglar and you should call police. You could also find out if a stray cat found a way into the office and tripped a motion sensor.

Having mobile functionality built into an office security system gives businesses access to a variety of advanced capabilities that can make it much more convenient to support a high-quality alarm setup.

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